23 December 2011

Client Account Review (CAR) - New Measure to Invest in Shares

SGX recently announced a new mesaure to invest in SIP (Special Investment Products) such as Foreign Shares, ETFs, and Structured Warrents etc. To fulfil the requirement, you must either obtain finance/business/accounting related diploma or above certification or profession certificate such as ChFC, CAIA, CFA etc.  You may pass the online quiz provided by SGX too.

So, what is the impact on Singapore Stock Market? I can foresee that there will be lesser speculators to trade in Highly Speculated Products. But it will not defer those who really wants to speculate to trade in the market.

My advice to you is to quickly pass the quiz online (https://onlineeducation.sgx.com/specifiedinvestmentproducts/) and so you can still able to trade in Special Investment Products.

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  1. Hi,

    Read about the topics covered in sgx online education here


    Can refer to it when taking the quiz


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