02 November 2011

Mah Sing - Silver Award (Developer of the Year Worldwide Category)

OPP Industry Awards 2011 - Winners
Raheja on top of the world at OPP Awards for Excellence 2011

Raheja Developers Ltd of India won the title of Developer of the Year Worldwide at The OPP Awards for Excellence 2011 this week, alongside 40 other OPP gold and silver medal winners. The awards were presented at a special ceremony at The Property Investor Show & OPPLive.

Raheja took gold in the worldwide developer category because, the judges said, “it is clear to see that Raheja is a construction and development company with a difference. It offers luxury living for smaller costs, excellent customer care levels, and the highest imaginable standards for the welfare of its staff, as well as for the environment. India is a country that is expanding fast and developing new homes at a breakneck speed. It needs firms like Raheja to make sure that it moves forward with a world-class vision of delivering the best possible products at the best possible prices. Planning, people, marketing, sales, administration and delivery - they do it all so well. An excellent entry.”

Silver medals in the Developer of the Year Worldwide category went to Mah Sing Group Berhad and Absolute World Group.

MahSing won, said the judges, because the “group is one of those developers that has got everything covered – from individual villas up to major pieces of commercial property. The company’s products are perfectly tailored to the local market and their relevance will definitely make them sell well. We particularly liked the fact that they are so carefully focused on quality, and that they work hard to adopt international best practice at all times. Developers around the world could learn from Mah Sing’s ability to maintain high quality standards alongside quick turnaround times.”

And Absolute World Group won through, according to the judges, because “the focus that the company is bringing to its new condo-hotel is excellent. The project is definitely going to be a winner. The 60% growth that Absolute has created over the past two years is evidence of its strong internal systems and its excellent management structure. Absolute is going to keep on growing and they deserve every success.”

The full list of all category winners is:

Category 1 – Best developer:

GOLD WORLDWIDE: Raheja Developers Ltd
 SILVER WORLDWIDE: Mah Sing Group berhad
SILVER WORLDWIDE: Absolute World Group

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