20 October 2011

You are The One who Decide the Return Performance Ultimately

I have spoken to a lot of my friends who are also very enthutiastic in their investment in equity as well as property. All of us share the common identity, which is believe in our decision to make the investment as well as the self-discipline that we uphold ourselves from preventing ourselves to be hit from the recent market downturn.

I always asked them a question, "Why do some people earn money but some people lose money from the same investment project?' Different people gave me different answer. Some answers are "Because these fellows are lucky", "Because these people did a lot of good things so they were able to earn money from the market", "Because they are skillful" & "Because they entered in the right timing" etc.

To me, I just realized that actually "YOU" are the CORE reason to decide the return performance of the invested project that you invested into. Your mind already controls how much you could earn without you notice. Let me give you example, if your mind telling you that must cut loss before the price dropped too much lower and buy it back when the price goes up, then your whole body and brain will function as a trading machine, telling you to keep on monitoring the whole market to wait for a very good opportunities to do so. If your mind telling you that Investing is Gambling, then your brain and body will function as a gambling machine, keep on searching the good bet to put.

Only you understand who 'YOU' are, then only 'YOU' can achieve a better result. That is why I keep on telling my friends that, 'Investing' is not finding the best counter/project/real estate to invest in, but to find out the real 'YOU'.

Happy Trading/Investing/Gambling. And wish me happy birthday. :)

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