19 October 2011

Some Personal Suggestions to SGX

Singapore Stock Exchange is aggressively promoting itself to be a regional financial hub, in the bid of competing with Hong Kong to lure more companies to listed in it. As an Independent Dealer in Singapore, there is some suggestions that I think I can contribute to it:

  • Continue to lure more Europe companies to get listed in Singapore Stock Exchange. Given the weaken market of Europe and US, there is no point for them to get listed there. Maybe we are able to get other companies to get dual-listings here, as it will benefit the companies to see their intrinsic value to match with market value. 
  • With more wealth management activities going on in Singapore, we should also encourage wealth management firms to get listed in SGX. This would generate more profits in the whole market.
  • Be more stringent in rules & regulations. It will give more confidence to the public investors that the companies that listed in SGX are compliance with the listing rules and also up to the financial reporting standard. 
  • Create more innovative products and services but also providing education services to the public, for instance, not many retail investors understand how CFD and ADR work. With better understanding as well a skill needed to master a product, then only investors will participate in the market.
Disclaimer: I do not hold SGX in my portfolio. I am Independent Dealer working in Singapore.

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