06 October 2011

Path to Financial Freedom

A Simple Way Towards Financial Freedom is to Get Your Mind Free first. Try not to frame you in traditional way of thinking. Always think out of box, and you will get another way to reach it.

My Formula of Path to Financial Freedom:

Total Asset * Annual Return Rate > Annual Expenses.

Total Asset - The more asset you have, the more income you will receive. Sometime, Intangible Asset is more valuable than Tangible Asset, such as "Professional Knowledge" and "Capability to handle Incident" or "Capability to grow up a business" etc. Those intangible assets will increase the annual return rate in future. 

Sometime, we can treat annual expenses as total asset (capitalize it) so that we can always reach the destination of become financial freedom.


  1. to be honest, i am admiring your gut to change job from IT to investment. You dare to move the field you fully passion in.

    I having great passion on investment too. But i don't have the gut to move toward it. Now everyday i working somethings i don't like, waiting for end-month salary. I feel wasted of my time..

  2. Actually I like IT too, but I would need capital to form a company that can allow me to venture into Multimedia or Computer Game Industry. So now my main focus is to be investment consultant and then be venture capitalist to get others help to fulfil my dream of creating a fantastic game like Angry Bird. I always believe that money can help people to fulfill their dreams or achieve their goals. Before getting financial freedom, try to free your soul and it is always not late to dream. Keep it up dude. IT can change your life too.


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