19 September 2011

Things related to Invest in Singapore Stocks with Singapore Broking Firm

1. If you do not have the Singapore Local Bank account, you can park the money in Margin Account.

2. Alternatively, you can open Standard Chartered Bank for free of charges and without any minimum deposit amount in that bank. The only thing you need to do is to go down to Singapore to open the online internet banking account.

3. It is cheaper to trade Singapore shares online by opening Stock Broking Account here, as minimum charges is 25SGD or 0.275%. As SGD appreciates against RM in long run, you as a Malaysian is advised to diversify your portfolio by putting the money in Singapore. As OSK charged 20RM + 20SGD for online trade for Singapore stocks.

4. Always try to keep your cost down by focusing on certain stocks and not always look at diversify your stock, especially when your portfolio is only 100K and above. It is advised to just invest in 3-5 stocks when your portfolio is less than 100k and not more than 10 if your portfolio is less than 1M.

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