28 September 2011

Takeover Bids from PNB on SP Setia

It is a shock to me, as I didn't suspect that SP Setia would be taken over by PNB or Malaysia GLC, as I thought it should be able to defend its public listed status in Bursa Malaysia, as its market value as at recent stands at RM 6B-7B. I suspect there would be a lot of M&A going on on property sector in Malaysia. Recent E&O shares purchase by Sime Darby as well as Sunrise acquisition by UEM Land also another indicator that GLC actively acquire property development company which is managed by good management. I believe this is one of the reasons why Sunway boss wish to consolidate his company into one, so that it is harder to be taken over by another company.

I am not sure whether Mah Sing would be acquired by those big boys in the market. However, if we look at bright side, those company that acquired by the big boys would be easier to get a bigger project from government. Let us wait and see for another actions by GLC in near future.

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  1. Who or what is Mah Singh? I mean I don't know exactly about this name and don't have that much knowledge. so please kindly eleboarte the topic


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