16 September 2011

Small Personal Sharing Session

Small Personal Sharing Session: 

Date: 15 October 2011
Time: 2PM - 3PM
Venue: B-13, Jalan Jambu Air, Kangkar Pulai (My Parent's House)
Speaker: Jack Phang
Target Audience: 5 people - 10 people
Topic: Property Market & Stock Investment

Please leave us your name, contact number to our email bd@jackphanginvestment.com.

P/S: For those that could not join the seminar, we will send you a soft copy of the notes. You could leave us your email address here to bd@jackphanginvestment.com.

P/S: How to come to here:

1. Bus - Take 616 or 96 from Larkin Bus Terminal. It will take about 30 minutes to Taman Pulai Jaya/Taman Sri Pulai Perdana 2. You could call this number - +6018 713 8882 to fetch you to Kangkar Pulai after you reach Taman Pulai Jaya / Taman Sri Pulai Perdana 2.
           - Take 51B from JB Citi Square. It will take about 1 hour ++ to reach Kangkar Pulai. Details are here
2. Car - From JB / SG / Skudai - When you reach Skudai/Taman Sri Skudai, follow the sign board to go to Pontian. After that, you can follow the highway to reach Taman Sri Pulai Perdana 2. Kangkar Pulai is just less than 1 minute drive from there. It will take about 26 minutes from JB downtown to here.

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