23 September 2011

My Stock Portfolio Update

After 1 week of volatility on stock market, I started accumulating Mah Sing share, that I never thought I would be able to accumulate by this year. Number of shares that I own is now about 0.008% of total of Mah Sing's outstanding shares. So for example, if Mah Sing still able to achieve its Market Shares of RM5B within next 5 years of what projected by the management, then I would have about RM400K worth of market value shares within the next 5 years. But can Mah Sing's management realize my dream? Let's give another 5 years to proof it to us.

I also opened CDS account with Kim Eng (my current company) for S$5.00 so that I could trade Malaysia Shares with my central dealing team as I am more familiar with Malaysia market. Due to the needs related to my work, I am now forced to focus on Singapore stock market. I had subscribed Share Investor (web version - Fundamental) for 6 months. So, I am now able to perform the Stock Screening on Singapore stocks. 

The Singapore Stocks that under my watch list:

  • Hersing Corporation Ltd. (Property & Construction)
  • Mun Siong Engineering Ltd (Oil & Gas)
  • Chip Eng Seng (Property & Construction)
  • Sino Grandness Food Industry Group Ltd (China/Food)
  • Hafary Holdings Ltd (Retail)
  • Ziwo Holdings Ltd (China/Textile)
  • Smartflex Holdings Ltd. (Manufacturing)
  • Boardroom Limited (Banking & Finance)
  • Elite KSB Holdings Limited (Food)
  • Armstrong Industrial Corporation Limited (Manufacturing)
  • Golden Agri-Resources Ltd (Plantation)
  • Boustead Singapore Limited (Plantation)
and more....

I will go through another screening process - to check on its sector as well as its company management and update you later. 


  1. i oni interest on mun siong amongst all these..
    PREVIOUSly interested on boustead sg but i c performance of boustead etc nt so gud then gv up..


  2. Haha....Don't u think property price now a little bit too high? If Malaysia budget announce any regulation on property, Mahsing will definitely facing some harsh time.

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