10 September 2011

My Personal Portfolio Update - September 2011

Since 5 August 2011, the stock market is very volatile. Real estate market in Singapore starts to slower down, as one of my ex-colleague was thinking to change his job as a real estate property agent to be a research analyst / business relationship manager. As so many uncertainty in the market, actually it is time to consider to re-enter the market for those who quit from the market since early this year.

My Personal Portfolio As of 10/09/2011 is shown as below:

Property - 47.38%
Car - 7.46%
CPF/EPF - 10.50%
Stock - 19.17%
Mortgage Advance Payment - 9.32%
Cash & Equivalent - 6.17%

Total Asset => RM871,741
Total Equity => RM471,927

My plan for next is to open CPF-OA Investment Bank Account so that I could utilize the money in my CPF Board to trade stocks. As CPF money is for long term investment purpose, hence I would also use it for long term investment. The main target of investing CPF money is to beat the minimum 2.5% return. Hopefully with CPF equities investment, my total asset under management and total equities could hit RM1.0M and RM600K each by next year.


  1. "Mortgage Advance Payment - 9.32%"
    May I know what does this mean?

  2. Oh, it's the mortgage advance payment. :p I can enjoy 4.3% interest deduction. :p

  3. Are you meaning that you apply fully flexible mortgage loan package, then you put extra money into the linked current account to offset the interest charged by bank?

  4. Wow as such young age n only working for few years you manage to grow your personal fund to RM471K! It is remarkable at your age i dun even have 10% of that amount. Kambatei JP Fund


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