05 September 2011

Ipoh and Taiping

Not so long ago, I visited Ipoh and Taiping for reason of vacation with my parents. They visited their ex classmates. As their friends are doctors and successful managers, I had the chance to visit their houses in Ipoh. One is located in the heart of the town and another is located in golf resort.

As I know from many people, Ipoh is a famous place to retire. We can look from few perspective:

1. Ipoh is located 200km from Kuala Lumpur. So it is not very far to reach Ipoh from Klang Valley.
2. The food there is much cheaper as compared to KL. But of course, you would still need to pay for higher prices to enjoy famous local food. I spent about RM8.50 to enjoy the Taugeh Chicken Ho Fun there.
3. You would be able to enjoy looking at the mountains. The weather is considered good if compared to Taiping as Taiping is a rain city.
4. Attractions - There are few attractions here. You can enjoy your retired life by hiking, chit chat with your friends etc.
5. Property - The property price is considerable cheaper as compared to Klang Valley. What I heard from my father's friend is that, he bought one story terrace house in Ipoh for just around 110K RM, which is price for same property in JB 10 years ago!

Taiping is another attraction location as I enjoy looking the lake in lake garden restaurant. You would be able to enjoy local food there as majority of them are Hokkien. I tasted Hokkien Mooncake, which the owner claimed that it was disappeared for 20 years!

Anyway, I believe Perak will enjoy the benefit of economic growth after Klang Valley is maturing in some 10 to 20 years time. You will not be surprised if the property in Ipoh sore to rocket high record.

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  1. Hi I think 200km from klang valley might be a bit too far. Even klang valley is saturated there are other parts of Selangor which are not so "develop" yet (compare to klang valley). I believe those places which are nearer to klang valley like Seremban, Nilai will be benefited more compare to Ipoh. I had found quite a number of people work in Klang Valley but stay in Seremban. Anyway this is my 2 cent only.


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