21 September 2011

How to Find Hidden Gems?

In my humble opinion, we must be very hardworking to find it out ourselves, as there are many low profile stocks or companies that do not appear in the mainstream media or social media. We should look at several criteria that fulfill it:

  • It is a small-mid cap company that has the potential to grow to a big-Cap company
  • It is in a boring industry or mature industry, but it has the ability to grow faster than peers due to its competitive advantage against others
  • It is having a big change in management, that it is going to change its business model to cater to current market trend
  • It has a good financial background, means that it is managing its cash flow very well so that there is no problem on paying debt in normal term
  • It has the ability to stands in difficult period, as it has unique business model or techniques as compared to peers
So, do you have any idea on which co. is belongs to the above category? Feel free to share with me via comments below. :)

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