09 September 2011

How Car Insurance Business Works?

Recently I just met an accident in Kuala Lumpur when I was on the way to meet up my senior. It was a sad day to me, as I just had a dinner with my friend and wanted to rush to meet up with my senior. However, it was also a good lesson learned as the person who knocked my car was a head in Mestari Adjusters Sdn Bhd, a company that helping people in claiming car insurance as well as to connect with car workshop.

So now, my question is: How a Car Insurance Business works? I think I should keep in touch with the New Friend and ask him more about this, and hopefully to give you an answer later.

Friends, just a reminder, please do not always drive in the fastest lane as the fastest lane always not the fastest in Kuala Lumpur area. :S


  1. There are different policies that firms usually provide.

  2. hihi,
    could you please specify?

    thanks in advance and have a nice day ahead. :)

  3. Thanks so an enormous deal for portion! Immense post! It helped me an collection


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