12 September 2011

CFA is Just one of the ways to know more about investment.

CFA is just one of the ways to know more about the investment, if you are the newbie investor, it is always advised to take the level 1 exam. Most of the basic knowledge regarding investment is there. But if you think that you could get a better investment result after completing the entire course, then your mindset could be wrong.

One major part of the CFA is "Integrity" or "Ethic and Code of Conduct" for those financial professional in the investment line. If you only know the theory (means that you pass all 3 levels,), you are still not considered as an expert if you do not have relevant hands-on experience), and hence cannot put "CFA" after your name.

For those young investors, try to pass level 1 and see if you are still interested in this line, as this sector is really narrow down to the investment. You can't get other job not related to investment after studying or completing this course. I have a lot of friends who failed level two and gave up there. But some of my friends who do not graduate in Economy/Finance/Accounting field will study hard to complete it because to them, it is the key to enter the investment line. They will need to start all over again by starting from Junior level, regardless of how many working year experience they have in financial non-related sector.

So, always try to keep your mind crystal clear that, CFA will not give you a better result in investing. It is just one of the ways for you to know more about investment.

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  1. dear jack,

    any differences between CFA and CFP?


  2. CFA is more on invesment analysis where CFP is more on client risk & return analysis. If your dream is to be fund manager, CFA is a very good course for you to take. If you wish to be the best financial advisor, then CFP is good for you to go.

  3. my purpose is to increase my knowledge on investment, so i think CFA is more suitable correct?

    by the way, did u attend any class for CFA or just self study? where did u take the exam? SG?



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