11 September 2011

Always try to diversify your income sources

Always try to diversify your income sources, so that you will not be so dependent in one single source - Your Salary Income. 

A lot of people who likes to invest in property always think that property is the only investment tool that they can invest in. Similar case goes to equity investors/traders or Futures investors/traders. In fact, it is their mind to make them think like that. It is always good to have many income sources, be it dividend, bonus, rental, capital gain or business income, self employed income, salaries etc. 

I have a mental block, that one of my friends advised me to invest in real estate only when I have a pool of cash. His advise has blocked my mind not to invest in Real Estate until I decided to try to invest in this asset classes 2 years ago. It is a very big decision made (for myself), as I entered another new or unfamiliar asset class that may not give me the same return as in equities. However, I would like to try to invest in it, so that I could be more "Pro" in the property sector. From the real estate investment, I would also be more knowledgeable on the REITs product (So that I could find out which is the best REITs that fulfill my own investment criteria as I am also managing the asset class same as REITs). 

I also made another move - to be a stock remisier. It is a bold decision made as many people are telling me that this is a sunset business. So, I will keep on trying to upgrade myself so that I can compete with other competitors. I have the full confidence in investing because I equip myself with both CFA and ChFC knowledge. So, I try to provide a one-stop service center service to my customers. Ya, if you have any question to ask, please feel free to leave your comments here. 

Have a happy Sunday. :)

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