29 September 2011

Singapore Stock Watch List - Update 2 - 29 September 2011

I finally completed the 1st round of stock screening of SGX market. Below is the stock list after I have done a first level stock screening:
  • Anchun International Holdings Ltd
  • Hersing Corporation Ltd.
  • Mun Siong Engineering Ltd
  • Chip Eng Seng Corporation Ltd
  • Sino Grandness Food Industry Group Ltd
  • Hafary Holdings Ltd
  • Ziwo Holdings Ltd
  • Smartflex Holdings Ltd
  • Boardroom Limited
  • Elite KSB Holdings Limited
  • Armstrong Industrial Corporation Limited
  • Boustead Singapore Limited
  • Golden Agri-Resources Ltd
  • Pan Hong Property Group Limited
  • Thakral Corporation Ltd
  • PCA Technology Ltd
  • First Resources Ltd
  • China Fishery Group Limited
  • UMS Holdings Limited
  • UOL Group Limited
  • Q & M Dental Group (Singapore) Limited
  • GRP Limited
  • YHI International Ltd
  • CASA Holdings Limited
  • Datacraft Asia Ltd
  • Transit-Mixed Concrete Ltd
  • Fujian Zhenyun Plastics Industry Co. Ltd

28 September 2011

Takeover Bids from PNB on SP Setia

It is a shock to me, as I didn't suspect that SP Setia would be taken over by PNB or Malaysia GLC, as I thought it should be able to defend its public listed status in Bursa Malaysia, as its market value as at recent stands at RM 6B-7B. I suspect there would be a lot of M&A going on on property sector in Malaysia. Recent E&O shares purchase by Sime Darby as well as Sunrise acquisition by UEM Land also another indicator that GLC actively acquire property development company which is managed by good management. I believe this is one of the reasons why Sunway boss wish to consolidate his company into one, so that it is harder to be taken over by another company.

I am not sure whether Mah Sing would be acquired by those big boys in the market. However, if we look at bright side, those company that acquired by the big boys would be easier to get a bigger project from government. Let us wait and see for another actions by GLC in near future.

Time to start accumulating stocks slowly

Based on my experience, some of the stocks in the stock market has reached its lowest point this year. While we cannot deny the stock price is moving south, I believe that it is time to start accumulating good company with more reasonable price. There are three strategies now:

  1. Buy into High Dividend Yield Stock. The cheaper the price is, the higher the dividend yield is. Please make sure the company can distribute dividend in consistent manner. 
  2. Buy into Undervalued Stock. To determine whether the company is undervalue, you could judge it current PE with historical PE or other market variable indicator such as P/NTA, P/CF, P/S and P/B etc.
  3. Buy into Growth Stock. To determine whether the company is a growth stock, you can check whether the PEG ratio is low, CAGR is high, industry is a growing industry, having a good management etc.

23 September 2011

My Stock Portfolio Update

After 1 week of volatility on stock market, I started accumulating Mah Sing share, that I never thought I would be able to accumulate by this year. Number of shares that I own is now about 0.008% of total of Mah Sing's outstanding shares. So for example, if Mah Sing still able to achieve its Market Shares of RM5B within next 5 years of what projected by the management, then I would have about RM400K worth of market value shares within the next 5 years. But can Mah Sing's management realize my dream? Let's give another 5 years to proof it to us.

I also opened CDS account with Kim Eng (my current company) for S$5.00 so that I could trade Malaysia Shares with my central dealing team as I am more familiar with Malaysia market. Due to the needs related to my work, I am now forced to focus on Singapore stock market. I had subscribed Share Investor (web version - Fundamental) for 6 months. So, I am now able to perform the Stock Screening on Singapore stocks. 

The Singapore Stocks that under my watch list:

  • Hersing Corporation Ltd. (Property & Construction)
  • Mun Siong Engineering Ltd (Oil & Gas)
  • Chip Eng Seng (Property & Construction)
  • Sino Grandness Food Industry Group Ltd (China/Food)
  • Hafary Holdings Ltd (Retail)
  • Ziwo Holdings Ltd (China/Textile)
  • Smartflex Holdings Ltd. (Manufacturing)
  • Boardroom Limited (Banking & Finance)
  • Elite KSB Holdings Limited (Food)
  • Armstrong Industrial Corporation Limited (Manufacturing)
  • Golden Agri-Resources Ltd (Plantation)
  • Boustead Singapore Limited (Plantation)
and more....

I will go through another screening process - to check on its sector as well as its company management and update you later. 

22 September 2011

Be Aware of a Company which Growth in Earnings is Not In Tandem With Growth in Revenue

As what we know that, the formula of ROE is Return on Equity, however, we should split it into Du Pont Formula which is:

Earnings              Revenue           Asset
---------     x      ---------    x    --------
Revenue                Asset             Equity

If we found that the growth in Earnings different from growth in revenue, there are 2 scenarios:

  • Earnings Growth faster than Revenue Growth
    • There could be some non-recurring earnings there, so we have to deduct the non-recurring profit from there and recalculate the earning
    • Some of the cost savings methods are in place. Operation Efficiency is improved
    • The earning growth comes from a new division / products that are not traditionally traded previously 
  • Revenue Growth faster than Earnings Growth 
    • Operations Efficiency Deteriorated
    • Some of the Revenue increased cannot bring in more profit. The company may be in the transition period as more expenses are incurred in the R&D session or Marketing session. 
    • Profit Recognition differs from the Revenue Recognition method. Example: Property Development sector. 

21 September 2011

How to Find Hidden Gems?

In my humble opinion, we must be very hardworking to find it out ourselves, as there are many low profile stocks or companies that do not appear in the mainstream media or social media. We should look at several criteria that fulfill it:

  • It is a small-mid cap company that has the potential to grow to a big-Cap company
  • It is in a boring industry or mature industry, but it has the ability to grow faster than peers due to its competitive advantage against others
  • It is having a big change in management, that it is going to change its business model to cater to current market trend
  • It has a good financial background, means that it is managing its cash flow very well so that there is no problem on paying debt in normal term
  • It has the ability to stands in difficult period, as it has unique business model or techniques as compared to peers
So, do you have any idea on which co. is belongs to the above category? Feel free to share with me via comments below. :)

19 September 2011


Source from: http://www.chipengseng.com/administration/NewsReports/e1c517bd-a2c6-4d0f-a38b-3f2b70bffd1a_Incorporation_of_subsidiary_and_purchase_of_a_13_level_commerical_cbd_building.pdf

My own opinion is that, CES keeps on expanding its property development division in overseas such as Australia and it also has a land in Senai area (in Iskandar Malaysia zone). I will keep on monitoring its news and update it here.

In my own opinion, Melbourne is a population growing city and more and more migrants like to move there due to its investor friendly environment as well as worker friendly environment. There are a lot of property investment in that city. I also hope to purchase a property in this city, so that I would be able to travel to relax there for 1 week whenever I have a long vacation. :)

How do you define a good stock a.k.a. company?

Today I just met up with one of my friends who is also working in financial industry. What she shared with me about a good company is: 

1. In a Good Industry 

- You are not able to change the whole ecosystem. For example, in stock brokering industry, more people are educated and more IT savvy, and hence it is no way for you to try on traditional way to do the same business. 
- In another word, situated in a good industry in the country that having competitive advantage always give you a better to have a better return in long run. For example in Malaysia, its having competitive advantage in Islamic Finance Sector, Palm Oil Sector, Glove Making Sector and so on while for Singapore, the industry that it has the competitive advantage is in Finance, Offshore Trading, Oil Refining and Real Estate given the stable political system here. 
- In Taiwan, Technology / Hardware Outsourcing is strong here. 
- In Australia, Mining industry is growing there. 
- In U.S.A, Technology (Software) is very strong here. You are able to find thousands of talents working here.

2. With a Good Management - Able to Innovate & Integrity

- In specific, you are also able to perform the bottom-up approach to find a company that managed by a group of good people. We define good management as able to innovate given the changing environment as well as has the integrity to deliver what it promised to its stakeholders on time. 

3. Have Plan to Grow Bigger with Steadiness 

- Again, the company must have the culture with both Aggressive + Conservative characteristic, that it must conservative enough to survive during the hard time and be aggressive enough to grow the business faster when market turns good again. 


- It is always not easy to determine how a good company is. If you are able to find a good company, please do not try to sell it during the volatility, as you will lose the opportunity cost. For example, Digi recommended Er Ge 5 years ago was just about RM6 and it stands at RM30 now (which is about 5 times). A good company that worth to hold is that, it can grow the profit in consistent way. I will find more companies with above characters and share it with you. 

Things related to Invest in Singapore Stocks with Singapore Broking Firm

1. If you do not have the Singapore Local Bank account, you can park the money in Margin Account.

2. Alternatively, you can open Standard Chartered Bank for free of charges and without any minimum deposit amount in that bank. The only thing you need to do is to go down to Singapore to open the online internet banking account.

3. It is cheaper to trade Singapore shares online by opening Stock Broking Account here, as minimum charges is 25SGD or 0.275%. As SGD appreciates against RM in long run, you as a Malaysian is advised to diversify your portfolio by putting the money in Singapore. As OSK charged 20RM + 20SGD for online trade for Singapore stocks.

4. Always try to keep your cost down by focusing on certain stocks and not always look at diversify your stock, especially when your portfolio is only 100K and above. It is advised to just invest in 3-5 stocks when your portfolio is less than 100k and not more than 10 if your portfolio is less than 1M.

17 September 2011

Nirvana - Funeral Business

Today I went to Nirvana Memorial Center located near to Salak Selatan. For the first time I realize that this is a profit generating business. Reasons:

1. It can be near to Monopoly business for the luxury funeral business, as so far it is the number 1 in this line. You would have little choices if you would like to have a grant funeral for your passed away relatives in Klang Valley area.
2. There are several business model, one of the business model is similar to investment plan, that you could buy for your needs in future with lesser capital now.

Please let us know your thought on that. Thanks.

16 September 2011

Small Personal Sharing Session

Small Personal Sharing Session: 

Date: 15 October 2011
Time: 2PM - 3PM
Venue: B-13, Jalan Jambu Air, Kangkar Pulai (My Parent's House)
Speaker: Jack Phang
Target Audience: 5 people - 10 people
Topic: Property Market & Stock Investment

Please leave us your name, contact number to our email bd@jackphanginvestment.com.

P/S: For those that could not join the seminar, we will send you a soft copy of the notes. You could leave us your email address here to bd@jackphanginvestment.com.

P/S: How to come to here:

1. Bus - Take 616 or 96 from Larkin Bus Terminal. It will take about 30 minutes to Taman Pulai Jaya/Taman Sri Pulai Perdana 2. You could call this number - +6018 713 8882 to fetch you to Kangkar Pulai after you reach Taman Pulai Jaya / Taman Sri Pulai Perdana 2.
           - Take 51B from JB Citi Square. It will take about 1 hour ++ to reach Kangkar Pulai. Details are here
2. Car - From JB / SG / Skudai - When you reach Skudai/Taman Sri Skudai, follow the sign board to go to Pontian. After that, you can follow the highway to reach Taman Sri Pulai Perdana 2. Kangkar Pulai is just less than 1 minute drive from there. It will take about 26 minutes from JB downtown to here.

15 September 2011

ARA Asset Management CEO Talk

I just attended CEO talk with ARA Asset Management - John Lim and his team during lunch hour. Some of the points that I would like to share with you are:

  • Its target is to be "Premier Integrated Real Estate Fund Manager in Asia"
    • 6 REITs under management
    • No redemption risk (fees are locked in for the life of the Private fund)
    • Underlying Income is packed to real estate and no redemption risk
    • Sources are from: Recurring Income & Acquisition 

  • Just launched Hui Xian REIT (RMB denominated equity offering in the world) 29 Apr 2011. 
  • CAGR of AUM = S$18.8Billion (61% CAGR)
  • focus more on China 
  • Partnership with Cheung Kong group, CaLPERS, TRS, CWT, AmInvestment Group Bhd, Citic Bank
  • Performance (IRR => Cacheo Logistics Trust 15.6%)
  • Shareholdings
    • - John Lim 37%
    • - Cheung Kong Group - 16%
    • - Institutional Investor - 37%
    • - Retail Investor - 10%

  • - 1H2011Result -> net profit > 18% to 29.86m

  • - 4.8 dps / 134c => about 3.5% dividend yield 

  • Strategy
    • - REITs
    • - Private funds
    • - RE Mgmt Services
    • - M&A
  • Fees is not affected by REITs valuation
  • Valuation model => Market Price / AUM
  • Growth as long as we are good fund manager
  • Not following real estate cycle 
  • If china bubble burst, can buy more properties in China 
  • Growth Engine -> China
  • Geography - Core -  China / HK / SG / Msia / Asean (with good connection) 
  • Geography - Others - Japan, India (get the right partner), Middle East - Doha(GCC countries), Australia (APN - A$2B ) 

  • Reasons why get public listed 
    • We need seeds capital to grow fast enough via more cash
    • talent management (needs experts to manage), become rich eventually 
    • Make the shares liquid 

13 September 2011

Singapore Stock Market Movement

It is always advised to stay calm during the up and down of the stock market movement. The market sentiment is considered as weak, or the investors do not willing to hold for long term investment during this period. Instead, they are hoping people to sell the price at cheaper price. However, I believe that with all the short term traders are moving out from the market, we will see a change of market direction in near future (3-6 months time).

For long term investment, my opinion is, try to buy the good company at cheaper price and enjoy the long term growth in earnings / dividend. Enjoy your investment there. :)

12 September 2011

CFA is Just one of the ways to know more about investment.

CFA is just one of the ways to know more about the investment, if you are the newbie investor, it is always advised to take the level 1 exam. Most of the basic knowledge regarding investment is there. But if you think that you could get a better investment result after completing the entire course, then your mindset could be wrong.

One major part of the CFA is "Integrity" or "Ethic and Code of Conduct" for those financial professional in the investment line. If you only know the theory (means that you pass all 3 levels,), you are still not considered as an expert if you do not have relevant hands-on experience), and hence cannot put "CFA" after your name.

For those young investors, try to pass level 1 and see if you are still interested in this line, as this sector is really narrow down to the investment. You can't get other job not related to investment after studying or completing this course. I have a lot of friends who failed level two and gave up there. But some of my friends who do not graduate in Economy/Finance/Accounting field will study hard to complete it because to them, it is the key to enter the investment line. They will need to start all over again by starting from Junior level, regardless of how many working year experience they have in financial non-related sector.

So, always try to keep your mind crystal clear that, CFA will not give you a better result in investing. It is just one of the ways for you to know more about investment.

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I read the news from http://reitdata.com/. It is just a guideline for you to make homework before buying/selling the REITs through SGX stock trading account. Please always seek advice from your remisier before you perform the trading online.

I believe that most of the investors do not have enough time to do the homework. Hence you should always upgrade yourself by seeking helps from experts and hopefully you could be expert too one day later.

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11 September 2011

Iskandar Malaysia News - 11 September 2011

Biotech Giant opens branch in Iskandar Malaysia.

September 11, 2011 14:00 PM
A RM500 Million Boost For Malaysia's Biotech Sector
JOHOR BAHARU, Sept 11 (Bernama) -- India's biotechnology giant, Biocon Ltd, is to set up a RM500 million plant in Iskandar Malaysia, which will enhance the country's reputation as a world class player in the making in the sector.

The Bangalore-based Biocon, with it's 33-year old history in biophamarceutical manufacturing, expects the plant with a Research and Development (R&D)centre in Bio-XCell, to be fully operational by 2014 with the capacity to offer 600 jobs.

Biocon's commitment, is seen as the first step towards the government's efforts, to make Malaysia a leading biotechnology manufacturing centre.

In fact, things are looking up for the biotechnology sector, with talks underway with four other companies, from France, the United States and South Korea, which intend to set up Bio-Xcell manufacturing facilities in the country.

A ground breaking ceremony was held here on Saturday evening to mark the commencement of Biocon Ltd's project via its local company, Biocon Sdn Bhd.

The event was attended by Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman, the chairman of Bio-Xcell and also the Chief Executive Officer of Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation, Datuk Dr Mohd Nazlee Kamal.

Also present was Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, the chairman and managing director, of Biocon Ltd.

Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation is a body set up by the government to promote the industry.

Mohd Nazlee said that the corporation is looking at an estimated RM10 billion investment target and 300,000 jobs by 2020.

"We are optimistic that things will turn out well. With the incentives provided by the government for the biotechnology sector and given Malaysia's resources such as manpower and water supply, we are confident of meeting our target," he added.

That too is exactly the reason why Biocon Limited chose Iskandar Malaysia and Johor its first foray outside India.

"We had a look at three or four destinations in Asia but in the end, we picked Malaysia. The geographical location, facilities and cost effectiveness, were the compelling reasons for choosing Johor.

"In short, what Malaysia with it's business friendly environment has to offer, was too good to resist," said Kiran.

-- Bernama
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news coverage in our Newswire service.

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Always try to diversify your income sources

Always try to diversify your income sources, so that you will not be so dependent in one single source - Your Salary Income. 

A lot of people who likes to invest in property always think that property is the only investment tool that they can invest in. Similar case goes to equity investors/traders or Futures investors/traders. In fact, it is their mind to make them think like that. It is always good to have many income sources, be it dividend, bonus, rental, capital gain or business income, self employed income, salaries etc. 

I have a mental block, that one of my friends advised me to invest in real estate only when I have a pool of cash. His advise has blocked my mind not to invest in Real Estate until I decided to try to invest in this asset classes 2 years ago. It is a very big decision made (for myself), as I entered another new or unfamiliar asset class that may not give me the same return as in equities. However, I would like to try to invest in it, so that I could be more "Pro" in the property sector. From the real estate investment, I would also be more knowledgeable on the REITs product (So that I could find out which is the best REITs that fulfill my own investment criteria as I am also managing the asset class same as REITs). 

I also made another move - to be a stock remisier. It is a bold decision made as many people are telling me that this is a sunset business. So, I will keep on trying to upgrade myself so that I can compete with other competitors. I have the full confidence in investing because I equip myself with both CFA and ChFC knowledge. So, I try to provide a one-stop service center service to my customers. Ya, if you have any question to ask, please feel free to leave your comments here. 

Have a happy Sunday. :)

10 September 2011

My Personal Portfolio Update - September 2011

Since 5 August 2011, the stock market is very volatile. Real estate market in Singapore starts to slower down, as one of my ex-colleague was thinking to change his job as a real estate property agent to be a research analyst / business relationship manager. As so many uncertainty in the market, actually it is time to consider to re-enter the market for those who quit from the market since early this year.

My Personal Portfolio As of 10/09/2011 is shown as below:

Property - 47.38%
Car - 7.46%
CPF/EPF - 10.50%
Stock - 19.17%
Mortgage Advance Payment - 9.32%
Cash & Equivalent - 6.17%

Total Asset => RM871,741
Total Equity => RM471,927

My plan for next is to open CPF-OA Investment Bank Account so that I could utilize the money in my CPF Board to trade stocks. As CPF money is for long term investment purpose, hence I would also use it for long term investment. The main target of investing CPF money is to beat the minimum 2.5% return. Hopefully with CPF equities investment, my total asset under management and total equities could hit RM1.0M and RM600K each by next year.

09 September 2011

Always Treat the People Around You Nicely

Today I met with a lot of nice people, that gave me a lot of advice on becoming a good remisier. To be success in your work or in your life, you must always remember a simple rule: Treat the people Around you nicely.

  • Always appreciate the help offered by the others and do not take it for granted. 
  • Always praise the people around you for helping you or at least, not harming you. 
  • Always be polite, especially show your respect to the elderly as well as to the youngsters. 
  • Offers help to the others, even if you do not get any benefits from there. 
  • Do not mind to do more works that not related to your desire job, it may help you in future. 

How Car Insurance Business Works?

Recently I just met an accident in Kuala Lumpur when I was on the way to meet up my senior. It was a sad day to me, as I just had a dinner with my friend and wanted to rush to meet up with my senior. However, it was also a good lesson learned as the person who knocked my car was a head in Mestari Adjusters Sdn Bhd, a company that helping people in claiming car insurance as well as to connect with car workshop.

So now, my question is: How a Car Insurance Business works? I think I should keep in touch with the New Friend and ask him more about this, and hopefully to give you an answer later.

Friends, just a reminder, please do not always drive in the fastest lane as the fastest lane always not the fastest in Kuala Lumpur area. :S

05 September 2011

Ipoh and Taiping

Not so long ago, I visited Ipoh and Taiping for reason of vacation with my parents. They visited their ex classmates. As their friends are doctors and successful managers, I had the chance to visit their houses in Ipoh. One is located in the heart of the town and another is located in golf resort.

As I know from many people, Ipoh is a famous place to retire. We can look from few perspective:

1. Ipoh is located 200km from Kuala Lumpur. So it is not very far to reach Ipoh from Klang Valley.
2. The food there is much cheaper as compared to KL. But of course, you would still need to pay for higher prices to enjoy famous local food. I spent about RM8.50 to enjoy the Taugeh Chicken Ho Fun there.
3. You would be able to enjoy looking at the mountains. The weather is considered good if compared to Taiping as Taiping is a rain city.
4. Attractions - There are few attractions here. You can enjoy your retired life by hiking, chit chat with your friends etc.
5. Property - The property price is considerable cheaper as compared to Klang Valley. What I heard from my father's friend is that, he bought one story terrace house in Ipoh for just around 110K RM, which is price for same property in JB 10 years ago!

Taiping is another attraction location as I enjoy looking the lake in lake garden restaurant. You would be able to enjoy local food there as majority of them are Hokkien. I tasted Hokkien Mooncake, which the owner claimed that it was disappeared for 20 years!

Anyway, I believe Perak will enjoy the benefit of economic growth after Klang Valley is maturing in some 10 to 20 years time. You will not be surprised if the property in Ipoh sore to rocket high record.

03 September 2011

Why a Contrarian Can Always Buy Low Sell High?

Why a Contrarian Can Always Buy Low Sell High?
Contrarian always do the opposite things from the public. Why can they do so? What make them do so? And what is the result of it?

They always have a clear mind that isolate themselves from the public. They always want to observe the market and reacts against it. It takes a very high risk to do so, especially when most of the people against his decision made. Let me give you an example:

In Year 1999, Warren Buffett avoided the High Tech. Stock. He explained to the public that he could not understand or how to value a high PE stock or high Future PE stock. Everyone was excited of the millenium and the new technology. When everyone looks good in one stock/sector, the stock/sector may at the same time overvalued or enjoy very high risk of collapsed.

I remembered a lesson learnt from a senior. He always adviced us to invest in Low PE stock. But normally Low PE stocks divided into two groups:

1. They deserved the Low PE as they are in the low growth industry / sunset industry. If you cannot liquidate the stock, then you may end up wasting your time for waiting the stock's PE to turn to normal.

2. They are hidden gem. Most probably they are also in the sunset industry / low growth industry. But if you could spend more time analyzing it, and try to figure out the competitive edge against other competitors, then you may enjoy a higher than expected return.

02 September 2011

Investment Strategy - General & Specific

There are two ways of investment:

- General
- Specific

'General' focus on Macro-Economic. For example, if you are good in economy, then you will focus on the supply and demand on the certain products, such as Commodities, Currencies as well as the Country Risk. From there, you could earn more by investing in Futures (e.g. Currencies, Commodities etc) or Unit Trusts (e.g. Active or Passive Managed Funds) or ETFs or even REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts). The difference between Futures and Unit Trusts/REITs/ETFs is that Futures normally applies to bigger leverage, which means that you could invest in small amount for huge investment amount (In another word, you are putting a 10% deposit to purchase 100% asset, hoping that the asset price could appreciate in short or long run). For ETFs / REITs, it is in Stock Exchange and you are able to invest in with little commission involved. For Unit Trusts, in my personal opinion, I would prefer to invest in Active Managed Fund because I could invest the Passive Managed Fund via ETFs. REITs is another investment product that allow you to enjoy high yield while bearing a lower volatility as compared to Equities / ETFs / Futures.

Some people likes to invest in 'General' as they have sensitivity on current movement on the General investment products. They like to apply 'Top-Down' Approach.

For 'Specific', it applies more on Equities, Private Equity, Hedge Fund, Real Estate (Alternative Investment) etc. To be good in investing in specific product, you may need to have in depth knowledge on the product you invest into. For example, if you invest in Equities, then you should know how to analyze the company's financial report and its ecosystem (e.g Suppliers, Customers, Competitors, Substitute, New Comers) and of course you have to know the intrinsic value of the company or the product that you invest into. Normally you may need to have a longer period of investment, because you have to buy the 'UnderValued' stock and wait for it to appreciate to its market price. We have to apply 'Bottom-Up' approach on this. It takes longer time as compared to 'General' approach because it is not so easy to fully understand the whole company - You may need to have about 1 month - 3 months to study it as compared to the General Approach.

01 September 2011

Enjoy Your Life - Do the Things You like to Do

Enjoy Your Life - is to do the things you like to do, after you did the things you must do. 

Today I am very happy to chat with my friends. Although we do not meet up oftenly, but we share the same interests - Investment (e.g. be it Business(Private Equity), Real Estate or Equities or commodities or currency or others). 

It is the way that we move on - to learn ourselves and invest in our own ways. It is called '一人行,得其友”,means that we will not be alone, even if we do the investment alone. I hope that this website could create the public awareness of investment. 

Please believe my word - You Can Be Your Own Portfolio Manager, because you know yourself MOST.

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