01 August 2011

A visit to My Manhatten @ Simei Site by Chip Eng Seng

I payed a visit to My Manhatten @ Semei recently and met the property agent there. According to the Property Agent, the sales for the 1-bedroom were running very fast, however the overall take-up rate for the whole project was about 35%. As estimated TOP would be in the year of December 2014, the property agent mentioned that the property developer - Chip Eng Seng normally will finish the project earlier than what it planned. To me, it is similar to the fast asset turnover model applied by Mah Sing, one of the top property developers in Malaysia.

My opinion is that this project is quite well as it is located just 1 minute from Simei MRT station so it has some premium to it as compared to other project in the Island. As it is near to MRT station, what I can expect is the noisiness from the MRT. I experience this before when I stayed in another area that closed to MRT track. From my experience, I have to spend 1 month time to get used to the MRT noise.

Other than that, the facilities there are quite alright, that you will be experiencing the gym room, swimming pools, high quality man-work done to the floor, and I like the service provided by the property agent, as he mentioned that he will help me to find another project as my budget cannot meet the lowest price of the units sold over there. It is started from 69xK onwards.


- Good Location
- May experience noisy caused by the MRT
- Mature Township (Simei) and you can access to Changi Airport within 10-20 minutes from public transport.

1 comment:

  1. 1-bedroom cost 69xK onwards?
    scary price...
    btw, 35% take up rate consider low, right?


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