26 August 2011

Time = Money

If you are a successful businessman, you will agree with me that time is money. There are two different group of my friends: one is to use time efficiently and one is to wasting time unwisely.

If you are an employee that work under a company, you will be thinking that you are underpaid due to your heavy workload. But think again, will a cleaner or a coffee lady can earn more money than you if they are working for a longer time as compared to you?

Try to think again, why is there someone who can be a successful leader in his team? What makes a guy to climb up corporate ladder to be an CEO? What is the "ingredient" to outperform others?

In my opinion, Time = Money IF AND ONLY IF

Time --------------------------> Money

You need to process and add value to your time so that the time can be changed to "Money". For example, if you are senior executive, you should try to explore a job scope that only Assistant Manager would do. And try to do it with a lower pay, as you would stay competent as compared to others. Once you learnt everything about senior executive and assistant manager, then move on to be an assistant manager and so on. If you do not like to wait for a long period, you can try to be your own boss. You will never regret of what you did, but only of what you did not do.

Believe me, that you can change "Time" to "Money", once you get the right "ingredient" in the process.


  1. Thank you. Hope you could share with us on how you think about it. :)


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