08 August 2011

Should we hold our stock when the market crashes?

I still remembered that when the market crashed on year 2008, many people were losing their money buy cutting losses and ran away from the market. Malaysia KLCI was about 1400 before the market crashed and dropped until as low as 8++ points. I was on the vacation on October 2008 and there was a market crash at that time. I still remembered that I was so excited the market was crashing and I advised my parents to buy the warrant with 4-5 years lifespan with the good mother company. 

3 years later, if we do not do anything but just hold the stock that we hold since the market crashed, we could easily get a 100% return. As what I mentioned earlier, it is always a good time to buy when the bear market comes and good time to sell when bull market comes.

I hope that everyone of us can get some lesson from the market movement and adjust your portfolio when market changes it direction from long term perpective. I always keep on emphasizing on the 'Buy Low' & 'Sell High' strategy.

Take care everyone. :)

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