02 August 2011

Salary is the most important thing for graduates

I refer to the source: http://technorati.com/business/article/salary-is-the-most-important-thing/

No doubt, I was also think of the high salary after I graduated from University. Sadly to say that you won't get a good pay unless you have a skill set that fulfill your employer's requirement. Hence, as an employer, they will look at your skill set as well as your organizational skill so that you could be one part of the potential management levels one day later. 

My advice to the graduates is that, do not be afraid to do more of what your supervisor asked you to do, as you would be able to learn more than what others can. From there, you can build your reputation as well as experience in the field you are working in.

Below are some of the contents that I copied from source:

In England, salary is the most important factor for new graduates entering the jobs market according to a study by management consultancy company Hay Group.
The overwhelming majority (93%) of this year's graduates describe base pay as an important or very important factor in their career choice.  Perks of the job also featured heavily, with half of respondents regarding them as a key issue.

Sadly, just 16% said passion for the job was a key concern, with only 4% wanting to 'make a difference' via their work. 

Christopher Smith, reward information consultant at Hay Group, said: "Acutely aware of the difficult labour market and rising living costs, they are looking for a career path that makes financial sense first and foremost. Idealistic factors barely come into consideration."

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