22 August 2011

Passion is the Key Factor to Success in Your Investment

I met with a lot of friends who claim that they like investment and they would like to find out what CFA is all about. Normally I would like to encourage them to self-study the CFA course as this course definitely could help them to know more about the investment, such as asset classes, corporate finance, economic, quantitative methods, Financial Reporting Analysis, Equity Analysis, Fixed Income Analysis, Alternative Investment, Private Equity, Portfolio Management and so on. As this course is too comprehensive enough for certain people, hence if you just focus on the area that you are interested in, you might not be able to pass it (I am the example, as I only focus on Equity Investment and that is why I kept on failing my CFA level II exam until I passed it recently).

To my friends, they just wanted to have a better idea on investment, hence they might not be able to finish all three levels, as it is not related to their daily works, and hence they could not get the 'Charter' status even if they pass all three levels examination. But the good thing is, they will not be cheated or fooled by the fund managers / analysts / financial advisers outside and they could invest together with the financial professionals and financial professionals would explain them easily and they would able to avoid the high risk but low return products such as 'Lehman Brothers' structured products.

Of course you will say that passion is not enough to success in investment. But if you have the passion, you will not easily give up whenever you failed to achieve success in the investment. Instead, you will try hard yourself and keep on motivating yourself to achieve a better result as compared to last year.

Basically, if you want to be a professional, you must have at least 10 years of experience in that field, and always learning the new knowledge / technology in it. Once you stop learning, you will soon be eliminated. As I only have about 8 years of 'proper' investment in equity, I hope that I could be a truly financial professional with IT expertise for the next few more years. I hope that you could also find out the 'passion' or the key factor that push you hard to achieve your dream. It is always never too old to dream.

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