05 August 2011

My thought on U.S market

U.S. Market was crashing last night as expected after U.S. Congress increased the ceiling of the U.S. Debt Level that everyone worried about the recession to come again.

Singapore showed a slow down on GDP growth as well in last quarter report. I do expect that there will be another volatility in the stock market as fear is coming.

What about the real estate market in Singapore? As what I mentioned in the previous posts, Mr. Kaw will try his best to increase possible supply as well as reduce the possible demand to tame down the real estate market. As a studio by Chip Eng Seng in Simei can reach near to 700K and almost sold off, I really feel that the current real estate market is for those locals looking for upgrading their home and not the young professionals who are in the marriage age.

Likewise in Malaysia, Mah Sing joint venture with another developer to develop the property in Titiwangsa, KL. I hooe that Mah Sing can quickly hit e target of GDV of 19B soon. Nonetheless, I believe that the property price will comes down in near future as we do not have a strong middle class to support all the property rise in city area.

My conclusion is: U.S. Market crash has little impact to real estate market in Singapore and Malaysia. However in my opinion, the price rise in these area will not last forever. For the net buyer, please be patience to wait for the worst time to come.



  1. Welcome to leave your comment here. :)

  2. You meant the current bubble in the m'sian property will burst? around when?

  3. I have no clue yet as government now trying to tame down the rise of property by introducing 1Malaysia housing scheme. What I know before the bubble burst was the director of property delevopers will be stopping to purchase the stock or start selling the shares. Those are the indicators but we have to see at a longer term that, once KL and connect to SG via fast speed bullet train, then the price of KL property will look comparatively cheap.


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