09 August 2011

KL Sentral

I am now at KL sentral. As compared to last few years, now KLIA is surrounded by a lot of high rise buildings. I believe that it can be another attractions to travelers. However, it is not very convenience to go from here to LCCT as compared to KLIA, as we have to take an hour bus to arrive LCCT.

I hope that I am able to arrive LCCT by 9:00pm after having dinner with friend here. Nonetheless, I found that there a lot of free wifi connection in KL sentral, it is very convenience to a traveler for me to whatsapp with friends and relatives. I can also see counter promoting YES wimax services.

KL sentral is bounded to be the hub for all the transports, such as LRT, MRT, KTM, Monorails, Bus, KLIA express and taxi. So you will not have any problems reaching here. I also hope that there will be more variety of food here, as most of the restaurants here are fast food restaurants.

Nonetheless, I will give KL Sentral 4 stars as I am able to get any services that I need here, except the AirAsia counter (I couldn't find it here).

Below is the picture I took from Macdonald in KL

Location:Jalan Stesyen Sentral,Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

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