29 August 2011

Free you mind so that you could get the financial freedom

Not so long ago, I discussed with my girl friend on the personal finance - how to achieve financial freedom. As I am now considered 'Half Financial Freedom', I told her that:

  • I always thinking of achieving financial freedom since I was in secondary school - Live the way that i like to live, not because of the money. So, if you could find a job that you desire, you can be considered as 'Financially Free' because you are doing the work that you love and the most interesting part is, you get the money from the things that you love to do. For example, I am now an Independent Dealer, and I finally feel that I am free, not because of the financial burden, but the 'feeling' that makes me feel very happy and 'freedom'. My life now is similar to my retired parents as my parents are doing the things they like to do, and most importantly is that, they get the award from there (e.g. My Father is now part-time reporter, and he enjoyed writing. My mother is similar to me, like to watch the stock movement every working day etc). 
  • If you could not get the job you love to do, please try to fall in love with it. Your mind freedom is more important than the financial freedom. Your mind controls how much you could earn. 

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