17 August 2011

CFA Level III Result Released

The CFA Level III exam result was released yesterday. Unfortunately my friend failed in her 1st attempt in Level III exam. But the good news is I can study with her to pass the Level III exam together. :)

Over the year, I always believe that CFA is a very good course to allow me to learn more about the investment, especially the Alternative Investment, Corporate Finance, Economic, Derivatives and Fixed Incomes etc. I believe that through a lot of hard works in CFA course, you will be able to fully understand how the investment world is working and hence allow you to be mentally prepared in the dynamic world.

Not only that, I am able to join as a member in CFA Institute Singapore and attend the seminar there to better equip myself in investment terms and terminology. As what CFA Level III requires, now my focus is on the portfolio management skills, such as performing client risk & return analysis, data gathering, asset allocation strategy as well as portfolio re-balancing strategy.

I am now having about 300K-400K SGD in my portfolio, that includes my long term debt and short term liability. So I am now learning how to utilize the financial leverage given to me to better manage my investment portfolio. My investment portfolio currently includes Equities, Real Estate, Car, EPF/CPF as well as cash & cash equivalents. As equity to my investment portfolio only consist about 20%, I hope that I can increase the portion in it and hopefully can acquire another real-estate (probably commercial shopping lots or Apartment lots in Iskandar Malaysia or Kuala Lumpur) in next three years.

Anyway, congrats to those who passed level III exam. I would be soon joining you as a CFA charter holder. :)

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