10 August 2011

Bangkok bus transport system

Now I am heading to Bangkok Airport after a decent stay with YHA Bangkok Airport via Bus - 553.

I am quite happy that I can take a bus to airport as I do not really understand Thai language and I have to show my money to the bus driver assistant and let her to take the money from me. I realized that the bus fares has risen from 20Baht to 22Baht. But it is still cheap as compared to taking taxi to airport. Yesterday I took a 5-10mins taxi after 12am and it costed me about 120Baht!

As now I am going to another hostel - smile society in city area, I am now quite excited as I do it my own although it wasted a lot of time here. But I just want to have a relax tour.

Let me show you the photo of the bus -

On the bus

Petrol station

Location:Bunkhong Uthit,Bangkok,Thailand

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