08 August 2011

4 Days 3 Nights Trip - (KL, Bangkok & Penang)

I will be going to KL, Bangkok and Penang this week for my 1st week of vacation. I have not thought of going to else where as I have to keep fit in order to make my body and mindset more healthy. As this is my first time to go to Bangkok and stay with with others in a hostel in Bangkok, I hope that I can make friends with those from other countries and learn how to make my home stay house more creative.

My target of my home stay is to make the guests feel like their house. The slogan that I copied from others are "Welcome as Guest, Feel as Family". Hopefully I can turn around my new house to be positive cash flow property and make sure that it will not be a financial burden to me. 

I met up with a property renovator last week. So I will keep in touch with her on the renovation matter and share with you later on that.

P/S: I shall with you on the budgeting on my trip to 3 places in other post.


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