29 July 2011

Starting my CFA Level III Preparation

I just registered for CFA level III exam. So I would update my CFA level III exam preparation here. The total cost for the registration + eBook are about 610USD. Due to the help of SGD appreciation against USD, I am able to save more money here. Something to note:

  1. The earlier you start preparing for your examination always better than the later you start preparing for your examination. I would split it to two stages: study stage and exercise stage. As my English is not as strong as others, I would need extra efforts to find out the meaning of term used in the investment field. However, with my few years experience in my own personal portfolio management, I believe that it should not be a problem for me to pass the Portfolio Management portion. 
  2. As CFA level III focus more on asset classes + portfolio management, now my focus for this course is to fully understand how asset classes work and how portfolio management (in another word, asset allocation) can help myself to achieve better result in investment in real world. So after I become a remisier, I would start diversify my asset classes to Futures, Forex, Option, Real Estates and Private Equity/ Venture Capital etc. I am currently looking at investment in private equity to gain my experience on that area. If you have any interest to look for me to discuss about partnership, kindly approach me via my email bd@jackphangnvestment.com.

For my readers, I hope that you will get more confidence with my writing after I passed my level II examination. Now my focus is to gain more experience in managing the various asset classes as well as manage the portfolio with the size of near to RM1.0M. It is a starting point, as I hope to achieve RM1.0B AUM within the next 10 - 20 years.

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