14 July 2011

Leveraging - Pros and Cons to Your Property Investment - Introduction

In Singapore, maximum Loan To Value ratio is 70% set for second property purchase, while Malaysia maximum Loan To Value ratio is 70% for third property. It comes to a point that I am still able to purchase the 1st property in Singapore and 2nd property in Malaysia so that I can fully utilize the benefit of maximum loan to value ratio given to me. After that I will be able to purchase more properties under my family member's name.

Some time, I feel that it is unwise to take loan to purchase a property,
as it will incur long term debt and you will have to work forever for the bank until the day you retire. However, with my mindset changes, I realize that I am able to utilize the debt to generate more passive income to me (Please read my posts - Demo of Personal Portfolio Management series as well as Cash Flow Management series as both are my few days hard work on my opinion on the investment).

So, the questions now are:

1. How do I fully utilize the Maximum Loan To Value ratio given by the bank?
2. How do I manage my cash flow and strive a a balance?
3. What are the Pros and Cons of Leveraging (Taking maximum Loan from Bank)?
4. What to take note when we are using financial leverage

So, stay tuned...

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