04 July 2011

Learning Investing is Similar to Learning Driving

For a newbie investor, you will find investing is a very though job, especially when you have no idea to start with. let me share with you my experience in learning driving. It was a very exciting experience as I was longed waited to get the driving license. When I was 17 Years Old (12 years back), I took a driving license course where I have a coach teaching me to drive.

After I have mastered all the driving skills, however, I still failed in my 1st driving test. It was due to my poor memories of the driving route. I was loss in the middle of the road although all my driving skills were ready. However, I managed to pass it on second time with the guidance of my father. I appreciate his help.

After I got my license, I was too happy that I could drive any where as I like. However, my parents advised me to just drive within the local area before I starting to drive in other states. So, I managed to start a driving experience. Sometimes, when I met an accident, I am still able to recover it very fast, as I drive slowly when I have little experience. After I am more confident with my driving skills, then I can start to drive with higher speed to longer destination.

I also buy a car insurance to protect me from suffering damage losses due to car accident. This is a very good planning for me to drive with long hours to longer distance destination.

Something similar to driving compared to investing:

  1. Get a coach before you start the journey. It can be from your dealer/remisier or financial adviser. I would say remisier is a better person to advice you on investing as he has more experience than you. Financial adviser is more familiar withe macro-economy perspective while remisier is more specific in certain company. 
  2. Get a demo account and try to invest with demo money and practicing it by memorizing all the necessary rules & establish your own investment philosophy.
  3. After you are familiar with the operation/functionality, then you can start investing with small amount first. Set aside an emergency fund (that you cannot use it as it stands as a protection for your emergency needs) and go investing.
  4. Try more financial products after you are more confidence & comfortable with your investing experience/knowledge. 
So now, enjoy learning investing and hope to see you again!

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