24 July 2011

Investment Is Like Climbing Mountain

Today Morning I just finished 'climbing' mountain near to my hometown. The mountain is called 'Gunung Pulai' in Malay or 'Mountain Pulai' in English. We started walking to the peak at 8:45 am and reached the peak (about 5 km of distance) at 11:00am. It was the first time I walked to the peak as it was a very enjoyable experience to me. I will be soon 'retire' from my working life ('E' quadrant) and moving to Self Employed ('S' quadrant) starting September 2011. To be a good self employed person, I am now learning to be more preseverance and never easily give up on the things that I do in daily works.

I still remembered the experience of climbing Mountain Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia on Year 2008. That was the experience that I will never forget. Although the distance was only around 8KM, but it took us about 1 day to finish walking to the peak. However, the feeling was really very great. I appreciated that my parents give me a healthy body and mentality.

How do we connect climbing mountain with investment?

  1. Climbing Mountain activity needs you to set the target. You must know your destination and resting point. Without these two, you are very hard to reach the destination. In investment, you must also know how much is your target to achieve and the time horizon to achieve this. Without these two, you are not easy to achieve your target.
  2. Climbing Mountain activity requires you to stay focus during the journey. You must be very careful not to injure on the half way. Else it will force you to stop halfway. Same goes to your investment. You must be very careful on selecting the investment instruments so that you could achieve financial freedom without any financial losses in investment.
  3. Climbing Mountain activitiy requires you to do the warming exercies before starting the activity. In investment, you must equip yourself with the financial knowledge before really starting investing in the market. Do you own homework so that you could be in better confidence in making your investment decision.

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