28 July 2011

Impact on United State Market to Property Investment in Singapore & Malaysia

U.S. DJI dropped to 12,302.55 points or 1.59% from yesterday market. According to the CNNMoney, Stocks retreated deep into negative territory on Wednesday as U.S. Congress remained stalled on resolving the debt ceiling, and an economic report showed a significant slowdown in the U.S. manufacturing sector.The Dow has now fallen four days in a row as investors grow increasingly worried that Washington won't solve the the country's budget woes in time to meet the August 2 debt ceiling deadline. "We will continue to see selling each day until this debt ceiling issue is resolved," said Stephen Carl, head equity trader at Williams Capital.

I believe that the impact of U.S. Market to investment in Singapore & Malaysia,
especially in the property market is low as you can see that there are many governments are still fighting to curb the inflation in Asia countries. Eastern countries now are more worry about the rising price in food & property and it will give a negative impact to the election to Malaysia as well. Property market in Klang Valley, Malaysia is in the new sky high and I sincerely hope that there will be a soft landing in the market, provided more and more people are stopping from purchasing more than 2 real estate in that area. In Iskandar Malaysia region (near to Singapore), we can see that there are still a lot of room to grow, especially after the opening of the Premium Outlet in Kulaijaya this November as well as the Educity & Legoland by year 2012 / 2013.

My current worries are, can the government in Singapore and Malaysia try to come out with a series of action to stop speculators to keep on pushing the prices up. What I can guess is that the peak circle of the property market will come, maybe in the next 2 years. Who knows? 

P/S: Please seek advice from your real estate agent before you make any property investment decision. Above are all my opinions without any strong facts given. 

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