22 July 2011

The impact of Technology to Investment Process

I remembered that there was no such thing called 'Online Trading' during early 1990s as all of my family members needed to go to the stock brokering firm to watch the stock prices. However, the improvement in technology changes the whole way of performing investment process. We are now able to watch  the stock movement from the internet or even the mobile smart devices (e.g. iPhone & iPAD etc) and receive the SMS alert that we had set earlier on the system.

Many of the applications that we can easily download to our mobile devices have granted us the convenience and efficiency of trading online. There are tons and tons of useful information that we can receive from the internet. Many of the well known financial investment firm are putting useful information online so that we are able to perform the homework ourselves without too many hassle. I really think that we should be able to invest through our hard work after learning the basic investment skills from the financial advisers as well as stock brokers.

Things to take note when trading online:
  • Always be aware of the security. Even though the security has been enhanced time to time, we must be assure that we logged out from the system after we have done any trade. 
  • Double confirm for the big trade. We have to make sure that all the trades done online have been processed successfully by the securities firm. 
  • Payment online. We have to be aware of the non established online trading firm as we do not really have the knowledge of it. It is better that we start trading online by opening stock trading account in local stock trading firm before we have another choice of online trading platform in other places.
  • Book Keeping. Record keeping is very important for us to make sure that we do not need to pay extra tax due to the capital gain from the stock market.
Last but not least, good luck in your online trading!

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