23 July 2011

How to enjoy investing while you are still in working age

Some of my friends asked me to share with them on how to stay investing while busy on the daily works as well as the housework. I must admit that to invest and enjoy a good return, you must have a good investment philosophy. (Please refer to my posts below to better understand investment philosophy).

First of all, we must find out the objectives of investing. Some of the reasons that I may think of could be:
  • Enjoy the comfortable retirement life. Sometime, we may miss out something during the investment journey. For example, you may missed out the growing phase of your children due to busy on your work. For those reason, not many people like to climb up the corporate ladder, as they know that they cannot cope with family with the heavy workload from office. Some cannot survive with their CPF/EPF savings within 5 years. We may think of to rely on our children for the retirement. However, with only 1 or 2 children for young couple, we can foresee that we really cannot rely with our children.
  • Children Education Purpose. It is a long term journey to raise a kid until he/she enters University. We have to take a higher risk to invest in long term investment instruments to raise the education fund in 18-20 years. We may find that it is necessary for us to invest rather than just park in the bank as the fact shows us fixed deposit can never beat the inflation rate in long rate.
  • Short Term Purpose. We may need a certain amount of money 2 to 3 years later for renovation or down payment. It is wise that we can park the money in fixed income securities or REITs to enjoy better return compared to fixed deposit.

After we have confirmed the purpose of the investing, then we should find a way to enjoy investing while we are in the working age. It is unwise to retire early as you will soon lose the energy and the spirit to keep on improving yourself and will end up in the downtrend.

Ways to enjoy investing include:
  • Keep track your investment portfolio and always record down the profit and lose. Make it a funny game similar to the 'Monopoly' played by the children. 
  • Always find out the things that we can improve so that we will feel satisfaction of doing so. 
  • Always remember that money is not the ultimate goal. To keep yourself happy and healthy is the ultimate goal in your life. 
  • Donate some profits to Non-Profit Organization. It makes you be more responsible and motivated to earn more in the investment to benefit to others.

Welcome to give me your comments so that we can both benefit from our conversation!

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