06 July 2011

Demo of Personal Portfolio Management (Introduction)

I would like to share with you how I perform my own personal portfolio management.

As my asset classes include the property, hence, I am now learning to utilize the debt to help me generating more cash flows from the asset classes.

You can get the sample attachment from the blog below: http://personalportfoliomanagement.blogspot.com/

I shall share with you one by one on the elements of the Google Spreadsheets attached in the above website.

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  1. you not feeling unsecured meh? ><

  2. What unsecured? This is a demonstration, may not be the real scenario.

  3. I think you shared your own point of view about portfolio management but I think you will agree that you need to add some expert views also which can make portfolio stronger. For this a strong portfolio accounting systems is a must.


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