14 July 2011

Be Nature

Sometime, we are trying very hard to get something done. However, it might not turn out to be what we expected after we have done a very hard work. However, we should always be ready for the battle, and try our best to do it. In Chinese, we call it '尽人事,听天命’,which means that we should do our best and let the God (In science, we may call it the power of nature) to decide for us.

I would like to delicate this articles to those who are trying hard to get a baby,
trying hard to get a promotion, trying hard to get more money in their business, trying hard to be more healthy, trying hard to travel around the world, trying hard to improve in their daily activities and trying hard to be a better men/women etc. You are all well done. Believe in yourself and always pray God / (power or the nature) to give you internal power to
keep on continue on your path to your ultimate destination.
It is not simple in the journey of investing. However, it is not as hard as you think. I urge you to stay investing in a long term horizon (reasons are here) and perform the portfolio re-balancing at least half yearly.

Good luck in your investing!

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