19 June 2011


YTL is one of my favorite companies listed in Bursa Malaysia. The shareholder fund grew an average 20% a year from 1980s to 1990s. As it is very 'expert' in corporate finance that it actually employ a lot of warrants / convertible loans / listed in different stock exchange etc, however I still believe that the reasons why it can grow its business during 1980s and 1990s is mainly because of its good relationship with government. This was known when I read from a newspaper that a lot of government high ranking officers attended YTL's current MD's wife's funeral.

Back to the topic - I actually bought a start pack (minimum RM 30.00). Since it is automaticaly charge me at minimum RM30.00 per month, hence I bought another gadget (mobile broadband - similar to Huawei modem) at RM99.00 and tested out at my home. So far YES coverage is covering my area (which means that my Kampung is actually is still not a very 'kampung' area), I did a speed test run.

During peak hour (evening time), the download speed is about
7Mbps and upload speed is around 2Mbps. Now when I just did a speed test, the download speed is about 15Mbps and upload speed is still around 2Mbps.

I am quite satisfied with the speed performance that YES gave to me as I also have a streamyx fixed line broabd at home. I will use YES for my mobile broadband on the way I go to work from JB to Singapore. It can definitely help me on daily works especially my work requires a lot of 'mobility' to ensure I am still get 'connected' to the rest of the world.

I hope that which this gadget / technology, I am able to generate more income than ever. Good luck in investing!


  1. A point to note, pls correct me; YES charge by usage therefore if you are a heavy user, it might be the right mobile internet solution for you.
    Kah Sitt

  2. I'm not sure. But it seems that it charges me at minimum RM30 if I use it at minimal usage. However, for 1MB = 3 sen, so I can use around 1GB for the data plan. To me, it is quite reasonable. :)


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