30 June 2011

Think Creative, Start Smart, Dig Hard

Today I just met up with my fellow friends in Malaysia. They shared with me that the finance business in Malaysia is getting better this year. One thing that reminds me too is that, a good system with strong foundation is definitely needed to support our huge client base so that we can grow our business in long run.

Our chairman has taught us that to 'Think Big, Start Small, Dig Deep'. Everyone has its interpretation on it. To me, I would now like to interpret it as 'Think Creative, Start Smart, Dig Hard'. To think creative, you will need to find a niche market instead of trying to be a big brother in the market immediately. The fact is that, you can always get a good profit margin even if you are not the biggest player in the market. For Example, Apple company is not the biggest computer player in the world in term of revenue, however, they are able to find a niche market by creating a special product to specific groups and create customer loyalty by bundling a number of products and services in between its products. They also make a brave move to broaden its products range  to other than computer. For example, the sales of the Apple Iphone drives its sales of iPad as well as iMac.

To start it smart, means that you have to use more brain power instead of hard-work to implement your plan. There are thousands of ways to start your business plan. You can prefer to start small. However, it might not be the smartest way to start your business. Creativity + Innovative are the two factors that make your services better than the rest. For example, an online book store - called Amazon beats traditional book stores such as 'Borders' by having a business on internet. It creates a different user experience to the users to purchase a book.

With a smart move and creative mindset, now you still require a hard-work to enable you to stay competitive in the market. I remembered that my ex-principal in my primary school told me that I was actually not talented compared to another student, but I became the Champion because of my hard work. However, I also believe that 'PASSION' is the most important factor to DRIVE your DREAM. It is ok that other people do not believe in you, but you must believe in yourself that you can make it one day.

Tell us about your opinion on the above title 'Think Creative, Start Smart, Dig Hard'.

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