15 June 2011

Page View Breaks 10K within 3 months

Thank you everyone for supporting my blog till today. I would like to thank my parents for giving me continuous support especially in finance industry. I would also thank my friends to spread my blog out to other people. It gives me motivation to write more high quality articles.

Summaries of my posts here:

Shares: 24
Investments: 38
Property: 12
Savings: 2

Going forward, I would like to share with you my thought on companies on weekly basis, as well as my thought on investment philosophy. If you are interested in online business, welcome to my other blog - http://jackphangonlinebusiness.blogspot.com. If you would like to view Malaysia Investment Bloggers Update, you can go to http://malaysiainvestbloggers.blogspot.com

For those reader who prefers Mandarine, you may go to my another Mandarine blog - http://tian-ya-ren.blogspot.com.


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