02 June 2011

It is not as hard as you thought

It is not as hard as you thought on investing. Perseverance and passion make the difference.

Yesterday I just read a book titled 'You can be your own boss @ 2+ Years Old'. In the book, the author mentioned that actually it is not as hard as you thought on opening up a business. The author mentioned that Asian seems like to make the youngsters afraid of opening a business by telling them that it is very hard to do your own business. There is a lot of uncertainties and you could not able to tell whether this is a success or failure.

I still remembered that the feeling when I failed my industrial training and forced to extend my university life. But then when I looked back, I found that this is actually a very good experience which not many people can 'enjoy' it. The benefit of this failure is I met a very good and kind lady who didn't mind to share with me how to write a good programming. I have more time to read in stock market as well as participated in it. This period of time (year 2003-2005) was my golden time to acquire more knowledge in investing, especially when I was in Cari and learn to read news from KLSE website (BursaMalaysia previous website).

After I knew that my eventual path is to be in financial industry, I made a
bold decision by quitting a job without a new job offer. Luckily I got the Bursa Offer just after the Chinese New Year break. This is another major change in my life. I got more chances to study quite a number of books in Bursa Malaysia library located in Bukit Nanas, near to Puduraya, Kuala Lumpur.

Another major change was I moved on to Singapore and became a business analyst. I got all the certificates (M1A, M5, M8, M9, HI) and got a certificate in Financial Planning. All I did was to telling others that I am really keen in the financial field and would like to be a financial professional.

And now, I made another major move to try to get a dealing license. I believe that involving in daily advisory services, I will be more mature in dealing with the clients and this blog serves as a platform to communicate with you, investors in stocks, unit trusts or even in real estate. 

I would like to tell you that, it is always not as hard as you thought when you think of make a decision which will affect your future. Believe in yourself. Because I also believe in myself. 

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  1. Hi,

    "After I knew that my eventual path is to be in financial industry.."

    How did you know your eventual path lei?
    Btw, great blog!



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