30 June 2011

Can JB Sentral II Terminal similar to TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan)?

Recently I visited KL. I took a bus from JB - Skudai to KL and arrived at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (Bandar Tasek Selatan Terminal). The first time I reached there I was 'WOW'.. The environment there is quite impressed and was like an airport! The terminal is well linked to KLIA as well as KL City. It drives me to think of the future JB Sentral II terminal which is targeted at Kempas area.

Some of my friends already surveyed Kempas area and one of my friends told me that his shop that he bought at 800K already rise to 1.2M. Pretty good huh. Well, I still think that there is a potential for Iskandar Malaysia to grow further if and only if more foreign direct investment comes in.

Nevertheless, with all the infrastructure in place (Connection of Rapid Link Service from Woodlands to JB to Kempas), I believe that JB Sentral II Terminal would be functioning well. (Government, please make JB Sentral II to be connected to Senai Airport too!)

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