10 May 2011

Pros and Cons of manage fund yourself

After we set out investment policy statement, it is time for us to sit down and thinking the way of how we manage the funds. To a certain people, we advice them to engage financial professional to assist them to manage the funds by following the risk and returns set in the statement. What is the pros and cons of managing funds yourself instead of engaging financial professionals? Below are the things that I summarized: 


  1. Freedom - By managing fund yourself, you can buy and sell the investment product anytime you like to do so. For those who wants more flexibility, they can simply go and open an investment account with stock brokering firm / financial institution and enjoy a lower rate if transact online.
  2. You know yourself best - Investors know themselves most. By having a good understanding of potential risk and return of the investment products after did some homework, they are in a good position to manage their own portfolio.
  3. Satisfaction - Great satisfaction comes after a good investment has been made by the investors themselves. It is similar to the happiness you can enjoy after you baked a delicious cake.

  1. Have to control your emotion - Greed and Fear are the two factors which can affect your investment performance. You have to be more relunctant to the emotion when market crash/boom.
  2. Self discipline is needed - A small mistake can cause a big failure in your investment journey. Hence, a strong self discipline is needed to safeguard you through the storms and arrive destination safely.
  3. Time and energy is needed - Just like writing a blog, it seems to be very enjoying job but a lot of energy and time is needed in order to achieve a decent return. If you are not passionate on the investment, you will soon get bored on the routine job and give up easily.

After considering both pros and cons, what is your opinion on managing fund yourself?

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  1. Wow! This is an interesting post. I must share this post with my brother who is planning to invest in market. He was also asking about what is equity the other day. I hope I find information on that as well as want to help him with his financial planning.


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