01 April 2011

Your mind controls how much you could earn

Whether you are a hardworking person, a smart guy or with great talent, your mind controls how much you can earn.

From the fact that richest guys are normally grouped by businessmen or professionals, why not everyone wants to be one of them? Maybe you can find many excuses such as having financial burden or family commitment or you do not have courage of failure which could cause you a big negative impact etc. Most of the people are already in their comfort zone and not willing to change themselves to be more competent and hoping company could hire them for the rest of their lives. History shows that there is no so called secure job even in public sectors during great depression, not talking about private sector. So what should you do?
Think out of box

THE God gives you a healthy brain and body. Please use it to think out of the box to achieve the target you had set for long term. Do believe in yourself that you can success and must success to give you a financial freedom.

Action, action, action

When you have a proper plan, just do it. Your experience gains
from making mistake and not from doing nothing. Do not think that making mistake is a miserable thing, as your profits are coming from those mistake you have learnt previously.

Review your position regularly 

After action, it is always good that you can review your finance position regularly with/without the helps from financial adviser. You can reach your desire destination eventually after several modification of your minds.
Always remember - your mind controls how much you could earn. To earn more, please change your mindset.

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