06 April 2011

Iskandar Malaysia

Iskandar Malaysia was first announced by Malaysia ex prime minister on year 2005/2006. The initial idea was to copy the success story of Hong Kong - Shen Zhen by create a metropolis in between Singapore and Southern Johore.

It hopes to reach 5 million people in Iskandar Malaysia by year 2025. There are 5 flagship zones, namely Johor Bahru, Nusajaya, Eastern Gate, Senai-Skudai and Western Gate.

Quite a number of FDI flow in to Iskandar Malaysia, some famous items are Legoland, Medini city, Chelsea Premium Outlet, Educity and so on which eventually will change the demographic of Iskandar Malaysia. I believe with the help of government, public transport system as well as other infrastructure will be enhanced and it will create investor friendly environment to lure more foreign investors to participate in this project.

My worries are the efficiency of the government and the participation of foreign investment whether their investments are in long term or short term. However, I still look good in long run, as Government cannot rely solely on the Klang Valley.

However, I believe that the success story of Iskandar Malaysia is still depends on Singapore as it acts as complement to Singapore. I sincerely hope that Iskandar Malaysia can be another Klang Valley in Malaysia or even better than that. ;)

Some of the links of Iskandar Malaysia can be reached here:
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    1. More investments and commercial properties are needed in order to surge growth in the region.

    2. While we are hoping more FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) coming in, there is one thing we must not forget, which is to lure more talents to come to our country to help it grows to an advanced economy country. There is still a long way to go.


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