09 April 2011

Determination - path to successful investment

The people is build on three parts: spiritual, mental, physical.

Many people do not believe in investment, as they still do not think that investment is a business that can bring them to a big pool of fortune. Instead, they rely on the sole income source which is the salary income. The danger of this is they will not have single cents if they stop working. And it turns to be worse if the person is the only financial support to the company.

As time flies, majority of the investors are investing in so called safe investment such as fix deposit, savings account as they do not have the knowledge of managing their moneys. Stories of many financial advisors failed to deliver the good result to them had give them a bad impression that investment is a very risky activities and hence they do not want to invest big in investing.
Most of the investments people makes is the property. However, many people treats their home as investment but this property does not bring them any good income and they are forced to keep on working and loss opportunity cost to open a business or making a better returns investment.

Even if you are starting to invest, the most important factor is your mindset - determination. A several time of failure at fist may give negative impact to certain investors. And the moment they
give up and leave the market, there is always plenty of Better choices in the market which rewards the long term investor.

I always believe in a word from Napolean Hill - the failure is always a seed to success. You can always learn from mistake and seek advice from those experts. This can shorten your time to be success in investment. Choose the path you like most to grow yourself to be a better man.

Do not easily give up, and press on when you are in a down trend. Always believe in yourself, I believe you can success in investing.

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