18 March 2011

Reasons why I started this blog

Today I tried to create a blog in since year 2009.

There are quite a numbers of investment ideas which I would love to share with you. After resting for a year, I am now more equipped with knowledge of investing in Unit Trusts, Stocks and Property. I would like to share with you which websites consists of comprehensive and useful information. I would also like to share with you some of my thoughts of current market movement as well as my 2 cents view of stocks which I am following. Last but not least, I would also like to share with you how I am doing my homework in investing in Property market.

You are welcomed to give some comments to me, as I would
like to use this opportunity to interact with the same group investors which have the same ideas with me. My ideas is to fully utilize my monies in stock markets, Unit Trusts as well as Property market while having at least 10% in money market for emergency purposes.

While you keep growing(aging), your thoughts of money will keep changing at certain time. So, I would like to keep this blog as my progress of learn managing my monies as well as to share with you my thought of becoming a millionaire or multimillionaire.

For those who likes to read my articles, you are welcomed to share it with other friends, but please do me a favor to invite them to come over here, so that we could discuss in more details here.

So, stay tuned.... :)


  1. 你觉得新山现在还有那些房地产可以投资呢?

    1. 其实是要看你的选择条件。如果要现金流的话,建议Tampoi Indah一带。


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